More than 40 Coca-Cola machines across Prague will allow you to connect to its free WiFi while waiting for your drink. Coca-Cola is working with the technology company Miia to put the new machines into operation. Free internet access will be available by filling out a form or through the Miia Android or iOS app. Besides internet access, the app also informs users of cultural events in the surroundings. Coca-Cola is planning on adding WiFi vending machines to other cities in the Czech Republic as well. The machines are marked with “Free WiFi” signs.


“Our vending machines are often in public places, where people have not been able to connect to the internet – for example in cultural institutions, health facilities or sports arenas, while internet access has nowadays become a basic need. By installing free WiFi around our vending machines, we have combined something useful with something pleasant,” states Jiří Mazura, Head of Department for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


The first vending machine WiFi hotspots were installed in Prague four months ago as a pilot test. The service was in high demand according to representatives of the company. “We chose places where internet access was not available for visitors, therefore our simple services will now benefit the locals,” added Mazura. This was the case in the Podolí Hospital, Prosek Health Center, sports center Hamer Sport, swimming stadium Podolí, the National Museum or Culture House Ládví and Krakov.