Last week, a series of concrete roadblocks were installed in the Old Town Square in an effort to prevent against terrorist attacks. Police recommended the preventative measure following attacks in Europe this year in which attackers used vehicles as weapons.

They have been placed in the Old Town Square, at the heart of Prague, which attracts a large number of tourists each day. In the upcoming months, the square will be hosting a Christmas market that will attract large congregations of people, tourists and locals alike.

The black and yellow striped barriers have been widely criticized for their unappealing appearance, which is not in keeping with the picturesque and historical square. Others have been questioning the effectiveness of the roadblocks against the force of large vehicles coming at high speed.

Whilst some people have accepted the installation of such roadblocks as necessary precaution, others have suggested it may have been a political move, a way of shifting media attention towards terrorism and being seen to be tackling it before the upcoming election.

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