From laundry detergents to canned foods, to meat… Overall, German products showed a significantly higher standard of quality in the newest tests, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. Meat products contained more meat, and detergents had more active ingredients and clean better.

Long shopping trips to Germany will no longer be a practice of the 90s. As the new study shows, the products in Germany are still of higher quality than local products. Hungarian, Austrian and Slovakian products were also compared in the quality tests. The difference between the West and the East was significant.

For instance, laundry detergent Persil contained 17.5% active ingredients in Germany, but only 13.8% in the Czech Republic. “The differences are relatively high. According to the content of active ingredients, we can say that the German detergent washes the clothes 20% better than the Czech one,” explained the study coordinator Jan Pivoňka.

A significant difference was also seen in Iglo’s fish fingers. Despite being produced in the same German factory and sold in the same packaging, the Czech product has around 14% less fish than the German product.

The complete results of the quality tests will be presented today by the Minister of Agriculture Marián Jurečka. The new study shows the difference in the quality of products in Western and Eastern Europe.