On Tuesday morning, a portrait of the Minister of Finance, Andre Babis, was placed on top of an image of the crucified Jesus Christ at the Prague Metronome in Letna.

The cutout was nailed to the steel pendulum construction, with the face of Andrej Babiš stuck on it. The text underneath the portrait read “Stalin accepted Babis.”

The administrator of the building, a company called Acton, said they will return the original metronome to its ordinary state as soon as possible, according to the spokesman of the Prague City Hall, Vladimír Řepka.

The pendulum in the place of the former Stalin Monument in Letna has been standing since 1991. It is officially named Time Machine, and was created by the sculptor Vratislav Karel Novák.

Another portrait of Babiš on the cross was also displayed by citizens from Friday to Saturday in České Budějovice.