The Czech cabinet met this week to approve the appointment of four new generals to the Czech army, including Colonel Lenka Šmerdová, who could be the first woman to receive the rank in the history of the country, if the promotion is approved by President Zeman.

“We are a country with a large representation of women in the military. It is therefore high time to have the first female general,” said Defense Minister Martin Stropnický in a press release yesterday.

Šmerdová, who currently advises the Chief of Staff and previously the Director of Army Recruitment said when she was promoted to Czech army colonel 10 years ago  “A woman must always be a little bit better than a man for the army to confirm her quality.”

The Czech Republic has long had a high proportion of women in the military, ranking fifth place in NATO with almost 3,000 enlisted women making up about 13 percent of the country’s army.