Drivers in both Bohemia and Moravia have been asked to leave the cars at home this weekend after the Meteorological Department issued a smog warning across many areas of the Czech Republic. Areas most at risk include the Olomouc and Prague regions after registering high levels of dust and smog in the air.

Public transport is running at full capacity and people should use the system as much as possible, avoiding the need for combustion engines to give off emissions. Cars are thought to be one of the main contributors to the current environmental issues, in the country with exhaust fumes contributing to increased concentrations of airborne dust and carbon dioxide across the land.

Factories and industrial zones were also given the warning that they should be operating in the most efficient way, or face not operating at all in the near future. The Prague authorities have announced that the city is not a major contributor to pollution, smog or dust.

The government release this information to the public if the monitoring stations across the country register a higher than usual dust particle density. The limit is 150 micrograms per cubic meter and this was breached in several areas on Saturday morning.

Meteorological stations across Prague were on high alert after the warning, with only Vysocany claiming to have normal readings. The Pardubice and Hradec Kralove regions are also expected to be smoggier than usual.

Officials have urged people to leave the cars at home unless in an emergency and to use public transport where possible. They have also advised people not to go running or engage in any sports that require lots of physical exertion. People with respiratory conditions should also stay at home, where possible until the situation looks better.

Maybe it’s time to give Elon Musk a call and get Tesla to ship a load of electric cars over here!


foto: Petr Topič, MAFRA