The Czech band Vesna connects Slavic folklore and myths with other genres of music and artistic styles such as fashion, visual performances, and dance.

The group recorded their first single together with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra with a mythical video. Now, they are due to release their first album into the world and everyone is excited to join the party.

The group consists of four musicians, the singer Patricia, flute player Andrea Šulcová, violinist Bára Šůstková and Bulgarian pianist Tanita Yanková, who together represent Slavic goddesses of four seasons.

The idea of celebrating Slavic culture and femininity was created during Patricia’s studies at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory. “We wanted to do our best from the beginning. We requested the Czech National Symphony Orchestra to collaborate and surprisingly they said yes,” she comments.



And then the video Morana was filmed. “Morana is the goddess of winter and death,” Patricia describes. “People are often afraid of her. But we wanted to show the story of an ordinary girl,” explains the singer, songwriter, and composer. The song was composed by Patricia herself at the Berklee College of Music, and she invited a talented film director Matyáše Fára to work with her on the film.

The Vesna project is based on a woman’s soul and beauty, which is why the planned album release will be accompanied with multi-genre music, fashion, dance and visual performances. There will be 30 performers from various fields and famous inspiring personalities such as cellist Terezie Kovalová, actress Marie doležalová, skier Šárka Strachová and moderator Jolana Voldánová.

All this will take place on 18 May, in the industrial premises of the Hauch gallery in Karlín.

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