The Czech police are investigating the Naše vojsko (NV) bookshop and publishers for offering for sale various objects with Nazi themes such as T-shirts and teacups featuring Adolf Hitler and Reinhard Heydrich.

NV director Emerich Drtina – member of the World War Two veteran Freedom Fighters Association (SBS) – dismisses the notion that the offered objects promote Nazism.

“I was already questioned by the police. These are cultivated people who cannot see any propaganda in this,” Drtina said.

NV started selling the objects from the “collector edition of world personalities” in February. After some criticism, it withdrew them from its offer for a time, but a few weeks later, NV returned the T-shirts with Hitler and posters with Frank to it. It is now also offering goods with Heydrich.

In its collector edition section NV also offers T-shirts with the faces of Saddam Hussein, Che Guevara, Marilyn Monroe, President Milos Zeman and former president Vaclav Havel.


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