The National Heritage Institute which administers over 100 castles and chateaus selects a special theme every year to highlight some of the country’s architectural gems. This year it is Renaissance Nobility Year, focusing on the lives, homes and art collections of country’s leading aristocratic families of the time.

Visitors can admire illustrious interiors and their furnishings, gardens, and discover dozens of stories linked to the lives of the aristocracy in the castles and chateaus in Velké Losiny, Uherčice, Pernštejn, Rožmberk, Český Krumlov, Třebon, Červená Lhota and many others.

On August 26th, almost one hundred cultural monuments, chateaus and castles will host cultural programs, concerts, fireworks and so on.

Last year organizers registered 5.6 million visitors at the castles and chateaus.



Tatjana left her Czech Republic homeland for America. Now she waxes nostalgic (and humorous -- kind of) for the life she left behind.