Like everyone else, Czech people have always looked for ways how to foretell the future and Christmas has always been the perfect time for fortune-telling.

A lot of legends also exist about mistletoe. According to one of them, mistletoe was once a tree, of whose wood the cross on which Christ died was made. The tree then shriveled up with shame, changing into a plant that pours down good fortune on all who pass under it. Mistletoe also brings good luck to those who receive it as a gift, but not to those who only buy it.

Christmas mistletoe grows on leafy trees that lose their leaves in the Fall and its use as a decorative Christmas plant spread to Europe from England. The custom is still held in the Czech Lands, and people affix silver, gold or green sprigs of mistletoe to chandeliers or put in a little vase on the table.

According to one popular superstition, all women should get a kiss under the mistletoe to have love guaranteed throughout the next year. But be careful, like love, the mistletoe cannot be bought; it must be given to you.