A group of trans activists has written an open letter to National Geographic editor-in-chief Susan Goldberg criticizing the Czech Republic version of the “Gender Revolution“ issue for its “blatantly transphobic” translated articles.

The group, named Tran*sparent, explains:

“The Czech edition of your January issue has some original content which can be, without any exaggeration, characterized as transphobic. We assume you are familiar with the cover that was chosen for this issue in our country, and while we do think the image of bathroom signs oversimplifies the topic and neglects its deeply personal substance, it really is only the beginning.”


The group goes on to highlights a number of “inaccurate translations stemming from carelessness about the topic”.

In the issue, ‘agender’ has been replaced with ‘asexuál’,  ‘queer’ is explained to mean ‘f****t’, ‘nonbinary’ was translated as ‘pansexual’ and ‘straight female’ becomes ‘normální žena’ (normal woman).