A young Czech entrepreneur is on a voyage to build a new Titanic.

In 1912, the legendary RMS Titanic sank into the cold waters of the North Atlantic. In possibly the most infamous shipwreck of all time, 1,500 passengers lost their lives.

RMS Titanic Source: Wikipedia
RMS Titanic
Source: Wikipedia

Designed be a luxurious ship, the Titanic was born out of a rivalry between the leading shipping lines of the time. The rivalry pushed the construction of the Titanic, developing new technologies.

Now, 105 years later, a young, Czech man, Ondřej Vrkoč, seeks to build TITANIIC, a modern adaptation of the infamous vessel. While the original Titanic was a luxurious way to travel, it served a purpose—crossing the Atlantic Ocean before commercial flights were available.

Ondřej Vrkoč Source: Deník
Ondřej Vrkoč
Source: Deník

The ambitious project began with an idea in 2008, according to the company’s website. The project halted in 2012, but is now back underway. The original Titanic consisted of three classes, the first being lavish, while the third had bunkbeds and shared sanitary facilities.

Vrkoč recognizes the differences in today’s market, and the ship will consist of only two classes, first and second, according to an interview with Vrkoč, done by Vilém Janouš. “Today no one would want to enjoy such a weekly luxury vacation in the Atlantic. The new Titanic is therefore divided into two classes. One will be original – the Titanic class, the new Fantanic class,” according to the same interview.

"Dining room aboard TITANIIC" Source: Indiegogo
“Dining room aboard TITANIIC”
Source: Indiegogo

Vrkoč, a Titanic fan and expert, has partnered with the world’s largest shipyard, STX France, in order to build a modern version of the boat. Among many services, STX France designs, builds, and commissions ships. STX France builds a large variety of ships, from ferries to naval vessels. The largest cruise ship in the world today, MS Harmony of the Seas, was built by STX France, beginning open water testing in 2016. However, the TITANIIC will not be the world’s largest cruise ship.

While the TITANIIC will attempt to imitate the original ship, it will not be an exact replica. The mission is to be a modern version of the Titanic. “The new TITANIIC will not bet he biggest ship of all times, but it will have completely new technological and ecological solutions to produce energy, but also to secure safety and comfort for the passengers,” according to the company’s website.

"Grand Staircase aboard TITANIIC" Source: Indiegogo
“Grand Staircase aboard TITANIIC”
Source: Indiegogo

The company has launched a crowd funding campaign in order to help fund the project. There are multiple rewards for donating at different levels. For 234 CZK, you can have your name engraved onto the TITANIIC, and for 44,512 CZK, you can buy yourself a first-class ticket on it’s debut cruise. The company is seeking to raise a total 9,139,767 CZK through crowd funding. You can donate or learn more about the project by visiting the campaign’s website.

You can receive a rivet designed for the TITANIIC by donating 2321.25 CZK Source: Indiegogo
You can receive a rivet designed for the TITANIIC by donating 2321.25 CZK
Source: Indiegogo