The Czech Film and Television Academy has selected Lost in Munich – directed by Petr Zelenka – as the country’s entry in the 89th Academy Awards and will represent the Czech Republic in the foreign film category of the awards.

In his original comedy, Zelenka focuses on historian Jan Tesař, who sets out to deconstruct the myth of the 1938 Munich Agreement: that it was the greatest betrayal the Czech people ever suffered.

The protagonists of Zelenka’s picture – filmmakers – would like to convey the same message in their film-within-a-film about a journalist named Pavel who lives in modern-day Prague. He kidnaps a parrot, Sir P, a controversial feathered friend who can recall the circumstances surrounding the signing of the Agreement.…

In his absurd black comedy, Zelenka pokes ironic fun at both filmmaking and that aspect of the Czech national character which might be labeled self-pitying.

Here’s the trailer:

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