Czech homosexuals and lesbians have launched a campaign We Are Fair in support of same-sex marriages. They want to set in motion a debate on whether two men and two women can enter into the traditional marital union.

In the Czech Republic, registered partnership of homosexual couples was introduced in 2006.

“We hope that all parties in the Czech Republic, including the CSSD and KDU-CSL, will think about the developments in Germany and fight for the rights of their voters indiscriminately, which means including gays and lesbians. They should support the idea that love is only one, due to which gays and lesbians should have a chance of confirming their relationship by marriage,” activist Adéla Horáková said.

Many Czech politicians are against the idea, arguing that before registered partnership was enacted 11 years ago, the activists vowed not to demand any new changes.


According to a May public opinion poll, 52 percent of Czechs approve of same-sex marriages, while 41 percent are against them and 7 percent gave no answer.


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