After a series of terrorist attacks in Europe, Czech Republic is thinking of amending its constitution that will allow citizens to use arms legally for defending themselves against a terrorist attack, in case it happens.

Czechs can already obtain guns pretty easily—they must pass a test on gun knowledge, prove that they are over 21, and have no criminal record—and use them to defend themselves and their property. More than 300,000 Czech citizens are licensed to own a gun, and there are more than 800,000 firearms registered in the country of 10.5 million.

The aim of the bill is not to introduce an American-style “Second Amendment” right to gun ownership, the country’s interior ministry said, but rather to ensure public safety.

It also said that this law, if the amendment is passed, will require citizens who officially obtained their weapons to get legal advice on how to use their weapon in the advent of a terrorist attack.

Also, this amendment would only be applicable to Czech citizens and not to citizens of other EU countries who are residing in the Czech Republic.

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