Medicinal cannabis from a Czech supplier could be available in pharmacies in the first half of 2018.

The State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL) has announced that the Elkoplast Slušovice company won the tender for deliveries of medical cannabis for the Czech market.

A gram of cannabis will be sold for about 165 crowns. At the moment, patients can only buy cannabis imported from the Netherlands, which costs around 300 crowns per gram.

The first delivery should be available in Czech pharmacies in ten months.

The contents of the active substances, cannabinoids, is precisely set and the cannabis may contain neither additives, nor bacteria, moulds and heavy metals.

Medical cannabis is available in the country only based on an electronic prescription for certain groups of patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis and HIV. One patients may buy up to 180 grammes a month. About two dozen doctors have the right to prescribe medical cannabis in the Czech Republic.

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