A 78-year-old man in the Czech Republic built this rising, rotating, subterranean home by hand. It’s sort of a Robo-Hobbit house, located about 100 km north-east or Prague. And it has a swimming pool.

Bohumil Lhota began building this unique home in 1981 and finished in 2002. He wanted to be closer to nature, to take advantage of the organic movements of the sun, and to benefit from naturally cool ground temperatures. The house sits on a rotating mechanism that allows Lhota to both lift and turn the structure, ensuring that it always catches the daylight.

The largest proportion of the house is underground, so it is kept cool during the summer and warm in the winter. There are plenty of windows, however, and a domed roof that can be adjusted and moved in a number of ways. It may be small, but this rotating wonder is clearly something rather special.

Petr Josek / Reuters
Petr Josek / Reuters
Petr Josek / Reuters
Petr Josek / Reuters


Petr Josek / Reuters



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