The Czech Pavilion attracted more than 100,000 visitors at EXPO 2017 in Astana. “We are pleased and honored that 100,000 have already visited the Czech pavilion during the first month. It confirms that the Czech pavilion presents top technology and local engineers’ products and inventions, and shows that the promotions we do are paying off,” states Jan Krs. Thousands of visitors came to see the Czech pavilion during the first seven days. The number increased significantly in the following weeks.


Expo 2017’s theme is Future Energy. The exhibition’s aim is to create a debate engaging countries, NGO’s, companies and the general public around the topic of reducing carbon emissions. The Czech Republic presented products and design valuing the concept of “solution ingenuity”, valuing cleverness and inventiveness in Czech productions and inventions.


The pavilion will also entertain visitors with interesting information on popular travel destinations in the Czech Republic, as well as traditional Czech beer and cuisine, all of which will be accompanied by demonstrations of traditional arts and culture.

President Miloš Zeman has already visited the exhibition, which will close on September 10.