Pakistan’s northern areas are very rich in terms of mountains and scenic beauty, and with some of the highest mountains in the world such as the three great mountain ranges of Hindu Kush, Himalaya and The Great Karakoram, it’s a mountaineer’s dream.

But what drew Petr Jan Juračka, a Czech scientist at Charles University in Prague and a professional photographer, to the country’s rich landscape was the chance to break a world record in altitude photography and be part of a climbing expedition to K2.

Petr worried that the low temperatures might cause the batteries of his drone to stop working and he was also concerned that the drone didn’t perform well in tests that he conducted in scientific chambers at low-pressure environments.

On June 30, 2016, Petr flew his drone at the altitude of 6,334 meters above sea level on K2’s Camp One for three minutes under freezing conditions — a likely world record.

“In comparison with the Alps or African hills, Karakoram is a completely different story. It is huge, harsh but beautiful. It is a paradise for people”, Petr said.

A view of the milky way above mountains. — Photo by Petr Jan Juračka
Campsite. — Photo by Petr Jan Juračka
Petr exploring the area. — Photo by Petr Jan Juračka
Petr climbing K2. The photographer joined Klára Kolouchová’s team in the hopes of capturing photos at the highest level possible. — Photo by Petr Jan Juračka
Test flight. ─ Photo by Petr Jan Juračka
A drone flying high. — Photo by Petr Jan Juračka