Čezeta scooters were only manufactured from 1957 to 1964 but gained a small cult following thanks in part to their distinct look, which came as a result of placing the gas tank at the front of the vehicle, over the front tire.

They were called the ‘Pigs’ because of how they looked.

A popular sidecar was also produced, though in limited numbers – approximately 900 in total – by Drupol in Stiřín near Prague. This was sold as the ‘Druzeta’, the name coming as a combination of the two companies names.

The original Cezeta was driven by a 175cc two-stroke single, but the newly resurrected Čezeta 506 will get its go from a three-phase brushless electric motor.

The company ceased trading in 1997 after 60 years but there has been a steady growth of interest in the second-hand and ‘classic’ market.

Now – after being purchased by British ex-pat Neil Eamonn Smith – the Čezeta name is back with a brand new model, the electrically powered Čezeta 506.


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