Zeman has promised to tell supporters behind closed doors on Thursday whether he will run again in January 2018 for a post which nominally has limited powers but can hold considerable influence over the country’s often shaky multi-party governments.

However, senior members of the main Czech parties say they expect him to run while betting firm Fortuna makes him the 1.65-1 favorite. Several signs point to re-election ambitions.

Zeman declared his support for Trump during last year’s U.S. presidential campaign, earning him the first invitation to the White House for a Czech president in over a decade.

“I agree with his opinion on migration and the fight against Islamic terrorism,” he said after Trump’s victory, also accusing Czech TV of biased U.S. election coverage.

“The European Commission has no right to dictate to a sovereign state how many migrants it should place on its territory,” Zeman said last week.





Zeman’s intentions remain a mystery, should he go for another term under a Czech constitution that allows presidents to serve only two consecutive terms. That means Zeman would no longer have to worry about facing the electorate again, said political analyst Josef Mlejnek Jr.

“It is a big unknown, what he will do and I would worry about that because in the second term, he would not be bound by re-election, he would not be bound by anything,” Mlejnek said.