The Naše Vojsko (Our Army) publishing house in 2016 published Hitler’s Mein Kampf and recently the owner of the company, Emerich Drtina, decided to start the sell of souvenirs bearing the portrait of the Nazi leader.

“We do not feel that we are propagating Nazism. In such a case we would have to distribute such products for free on a street corner. But in this case, people are buying a product they want with money they have earned. What they believe in or support has nothing to do with us. We are merely providing a product that was in demand.The items with Hitler’s image were a PR stunt to attract attention, nothing more,” Svoboda explained.

The controversial offer was quickly withdrawn following angry protests from the country’s Jewish community and the general public, as they see this as Nazi propaganda.

“Emerich Drtina has no idea what moral and ethical values are all about, that his business is an insult to those who survived the horrors of war and lost their loved ones. Last year they were selling Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Unfortunately, that incident had no legal consequences as Drtina advertised the book as educational material,” said Communist MP and deputy head of the Committee on Defense in the lower house of parliament, Alexander Černý.


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