Czech Railways now offers a direct route from Prague to Šumava. The express train will be connected to the touristically attractive part of Šumava and there will also be a subsequent bus connection to Passau.

The train leaves at 8:02 from the main station of Prague, it arrives in České Budejovice at 10:02 and at in Český Krumlov at 10:50. From there, the train will continue to Nové Údolí. Arriving at 12:16.

Express trains offer comfortable cars and additional services, such as food delivery, minibar, hot beverages, cold drinks, beer and snacks. Passengers in the 1st class have the bonus service that includes a half-liter bottle of water and a daily newspaper.

As Prague – České Budejovice is a popular route among cyclists, Czech Railways trains have a special car to store bicycles and they are now offering a new all-day network ticket for transporting bicycles for the price of CZK 99.

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