The survey run by Internations had 14,000 respondents representing 174 nationalities and 191 countries or territories.

“The availability and costs of childcare and education there are rated well by expat parents, with close to three-quarters [74%] overall agreeing that education is easy to afford in the Czech Republic compared to the global average of 45%,” states the 2016 InterNations Expat Insider Survey.

Taiwan ranked first in the Quality of Life and Personal Finance Indices. As it turned out, 64% of its expats plan to stay longer than three years, while 36% hope to stay forever.

The Czech Republic is one of four European countries in the top ten, following Austria and Luxembourg in the eighth and ninth spots respectively.

In terms of overall family life, the Czech Republic ranks number two in the world, scoring third in the world for both childcare and cost of childcare.

The three countries at the end of the list in 2016 have remained the same: Kuwait, Greece, and Nigeria.

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