[:en]Distribution of illegal migrants among EU member states is not working properly. This is evidenced by the fact that since the beginning of the program, the Czech Republic have taken in only 12 people, although until the end of September 2016, the Czech state is obliged to take almost 2700 refugees from Italy and Greece.

Today in the Czech Republic there are only 12 Syrian citizens who arrived from Greece in the framework of mandatory quotas. No one had come from Italy: the official reason is that “the Italian authorities are not in contact and cooperating with Czech representatives.”

“The system of redistribution of refugees is facing big problems. The fault lies with those who most require the introduction of quotas. This, of course, is a paradox. When we lead the debate in the Council of Europe, mainly Italy and Greece argued that other EU member states have expressed solidarity and helped them”, said Sobotka.

“We want to help…financially, by providing experts, and of course we will take care of some of the refugees who get asylum, but solely and exclusively on a voluntary basis,” said Sobotka.


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