The current level of the terrorist threat in the Czech Republic is still the first one of four, which means the vigilance of police and other security agencies. This decision was taken at the Security Council after the attack on Munich.

Vigilance on the main streets will be increased by the additional police control as well as in malls and department stores, subways, railway stations, airports and other public crowded places in the whole country, especially in Prague. They will monitor the safety, checking the documents and personal belongings of suspicious people. Especially, the attention will be paid to the holding of historic, cultural and sporting events, all of which will take place under the proper police control.

Despite these measures, according to Interior Minister Milan Chovanec, none of the Czech towns are threatened by a chance of terrorist attack.

“Giving an assessment of information available for the security services, we concluded that the Czech Republic is not in danger, however, police vigilance, as well as the first level of a terrorist act, will proceed”, – announced Milan Chovanec.

The first level of terrorist threat acts in the Czech Republic from March 22, when there was a series of terrorist attacks in Brussels.