The data released by the Czech Statistics Office shows that the Czech Republic hold one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the European Union: 4.2 percent in July.

The unemployment rate fell by 0.8 percent in July: actually, the Czech Republic has the second lowest employment rate in all of the Union, just behind Malta. The average unemployment rate among the EU-28 was 8.6 percent.

Female employment rates specifically have increased by more than eight percentage points, even if there is still a high employment gap between women and men.

On average across the country, there are now 2.8 job seekers for every vacancy, down from the ratio of 4.3 in August 2015.

The Ustí region in the north-west of the country still tops the jobless statistics with an 8.2 unemployment rate followed by the Moravia-Silesia region, in the far east of the country, with 7.7 percent.



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