Czech Theater Night will be held on November 19th as part of the International European Theater Night Festival.

On Saturday, November 19, Theater Night (Noc divadel) will be held throughout the Czech Republic. Many theaters will invite viewers behind the scenes and will prepare special programs. The event will also offer master classes, screenings, meetings with actors, set designers and directors. Some theaters will even involve the audience with what is happening on stage – creating interactive performances.

This year even more theaters throughout the country will take part in the event, such as Studio Dva, Černé Divadlo Metro, the International Conservatory in Prague and others. More information about the festival program and its participants can be found on the website.

Last year, Theater Night had over 50 thousand visitors. In total, 130 theaters and theater companies from 36 cities in the Czech Republic participated.

Czech Theater Night is part of the international European Theater Night project. The idea of a universal theater festival came to Children’s Theater Dubrava, and was eventually supported by dozen European countries. Theater Night in the Czech Republic is considered to be the most visited among others in Europe.

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