Special toilets called “Show How Tricky You Are” measure the speed and the flow of urine, which is one of the indicators of the condition of the prostate. The greater volume and faster one urinates the more points he gets.

The STK for Men Fund established by Czech badminton player and Olympic champion Petr Koukal wants to change this.

“When Czech men start to worry about their health just like they do about their cars, we will win. I had never thought I could get sick, but when, at the age of 24, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, it was a shock for me. The next day I was going to be operated on. My whole life changed that day,” Koukal told  Denik.cz

These toilets will be available during music and sports events along with a manual on healthy lifestyles.

About 220 people in the Czech Republic are diagnosed with cancer each day and 70 succumb to the disease every 24 hours.


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