The design was applied in June when the vehicle was used as a prop in a “stylized documentary” depicting the life of a Czech neo-Nazi and his family. The film, titled “The World According to Little Dalibor,” includes a scene of the main characters visiting the Auschwitz memorial.

After the filming concluded, the owner of the tour company, Svatopluk Strava, was concerned the paint on the bus could be damaged in the process and decided to keep it.

“We decided to write a letter to the film production company and to the bus operator asking to remove it,” said Petr Papoušek, the head of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the Czech Republic. “But we didn’t hear back from either of them.”

Mr. Strava appeared surprised: “I didn’t realize it was going to be such a scandal. I’m no Holocaust denier, I regularly take Czech schoolchildren to Auschwitz, and I always get goose bumps thinking of what had happened there. So I just removed it, and if the paint is damaged, I’ll be considering suing the filmmakers for the costs.”

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