The Czech Republic has actually the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union, 3.4 percent according to the Eurostat January figure. But the latest survey from the Manpower recruitment agency shows that the Czech jobless total can shrink even further to a record all-time low.

Eight percent of employers surveyed see themselves hiring, two percent expect to be firing, and 86 percent see no change.

“The second quarter of 2017 looks very optimistic. Unemployment will go under 5.0 percent. We expect another increase of employed people in manufacturing, logistics, construction, and finance and insurance,” said Jiří Halbrštát – Manpower’s local marketing and communications manager.

“Currently we are at the levels we had before the crisis of 2008. Employers will have huge problems to find not only qualified staff but also unqualified staff in production and logistics,” he added.

In some regions such as Pilsen and Prague, the jobless rate is under 2.5 percent, as people are registered as unemployed but actually doing undeclared or part-time jobs to boost their income.


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