A new online platform Czechio.cz has launched, selling all Czech products and services to the world. The categories that buyers and sellers can choose from include bio food, cosmetics, decorations, fashion accessories, retro products, collectible pieces, wood, metal, wicker or glass products. Or, to see the best products, you can visit the Top Products and Services category.

During the first week of operation, several hundreds of Czech manufacturers used the free registration to exhibit hundreds of products. To set up a profile is free of charge and it is possible to sell an unlimited number of products, with Czechio not taking any sales commission.

The reason behind it say owners Media Events Company “We support growing interest in Czech traditional craft products, organic food, but also premium services for the most ambitious customers”.

The platform merely wants to act as a sales agent between sellers and buyers. The Media Events agency also owns David Korn, who also cares about trade and marketing Czechia.