Norway knocked Denmark off the top spot as the world’s happiest country, with Iceland and Switzerland rounding out the top four. The World Happiness Report 2017 report’s authors stress, however, that the top four are so close that changes are not statistically significant.

The report is produced by creating average scores based on six areas for each country: income, life expectancy, social support, generosity, freedom, and trust.

The Czech Republic, with an index of 6.609 flattering ranked 23rd. Leaving behind the other Vyšehrad countries – Slovakia (40th), Hungary (75th) and Poland (46th), but also better than to France (31st), Italy (48th) and Japan (51). Since 2013, the Czech Republic has improved its position by a total of sixteen places.

Rounding out the top ten were Finland (5th), the Netherlands (6), Canada (7), New Zealand (8), and Australia and Sweden tied for 9th.

At the lower end of the scale Tanzania, Burundi, and the Central Africa Republic make up the final three places (153-155). Just one place higher is Syria.