A majority of Czech people saw migration and terrorism as the main problems of the European Union, according to poll results released on Monday.

In all the EU member countries, Czech people had the most negative attitude to migrants, according to the poll which was conducted by the Eurobarometer.

Poll results showed 63% of Czech people saw the migration as one the main problems of the present-day EU. For terrorism, the figure was 47% compared with 8 percent four years ago.

Few Czech people believed that migrants mean a benefit, only 12% of Czechs held the view, while the EU average was 44%.

Only 14% of the Czech people gave a positive assessment to the migration from outside the EU and 23% of them believed that the Czech Republic should help the refugees, which was the second lowest proportion within the EU.

Some 95% of Czech people believed that the EU should adopt stricter measures against illegal migration.