During 2016, for the first time, Czechs spent in domestic e-shops over 100 billion. In 2015 they spent 81 billion. The last quarter of the year was the most successful, largely thanks to the Christmas shopping period.

“Worldwide retail e-commerce sales reached $1.915 trillion this year. Compared to our 100 billion, it may seem like a drop in the ocean, but if we take into account the population and the overall market situation, it’s an amazing number,” said Shoptet CEO Miroslav Uďan.

In the Czech Republic, there are 38 500 online stores, about five hundred more than last year.

The recent facts and figures presented by Ecommerce Europe show that the internet is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Czech Republic.

Significant progresses have been achieved by the perfumes and cosmetics e-commerce Notino (formerly parfums.cz). This year’s sales have increased by 30 percent.

Electronics are the most popular online purchase on the Czech market but other areas are growing fast. Home and garden ware and clothing saw an increase by almost 25%.

The average Czech user spends per year 7,730Kč.