Czechs tend to walk or use public transport much more than other EU nations, according to the data released by Eurobarometer.

While in other EU countries the public transport is used on average by 19% of inhabitants, in the Czech Republic this percentage grows to 28%. 15% of Czechs usually go to work walking, 1% more than the EU average.

The proportion of respondents who have used urban public transport in their country at least several times per month is highest in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In 11 Member States, out of which 8 from the CEE region, half of respondents or more say that they use urban public transport regularly (at least several times per month): Latvia (64%), Romania (63%), Hungary (62%), Czech Republic (60%), Bulgaria (58%),Lithuania (53%), Estonia (52%), Greece (52%), Sweden (51%), Austria (51%) and Poland (50%).

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