Six years ago three friends, who call each other Mr. President Peter, Head General Lucas and Chief Sony, in one of the hidden streets near to Old Town Square, founded a club called DéJáVu.

The aim was to create a multicultural meeting place for both tourists and locals in the city center, where everyone will feel home.


The club is exceptional for its distinctive cosmopolitan atmosphere, a family approach of both bartenders and owners, artistic spirit and a wide range of exclusive cocktails.

The uniqueness of the club catches your eye as soon as you get in. A cozy club, whose interior is decorated in warm, dark colors guarded by two massive golden lions. Each has a name: the one on the left is De Ja and Vu stands on the right side. One wall is covered in old newspaper articles about famous musicians and a massive crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling, even a painted caricature of Elvis Presley welcomes visitors, and yet the club is apparently still improving.


The concept is simple. “Two bars of two worlds,” as one of the owners Peter says himself, “but the two are intertwined.” He refers to the two floors, two separate bars. Upstairs is the lounge suitable for those who want to talk. Below is a dance club for lovers of dance music and the dance itself.

In addition to music and distinctive atmosphere, visitors return thanks to great cocktails. We use fresh fruit, good quality alcohol and soft drinks only. Of the total menu of 60 drinks, almost half have been invented by DéJáVu bartenders. You will recognize them in the menu by spotting in brackets the author’s name and the date when the cocktail was mixed for the first time.

Peter says: In DéJáVu we welcome anyone who thinks he belongs in here. Come and enjoy a local specialty Passion Fruit Spritz, a drink made from fresh fruit extracts and based on sparkling wine.”

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