DameJidlo.cz is now delivering to parks and other public places. The new feature, called Pick-Up Point, works on their mobile app.

The delivery service’s new function is designed to let people order food for picnics. Hanging out in parks and other public areas is a popular past time, the new way of ordering food allows you to have your food delivered directly to you. The Pick-Up Point feature, as of now, is only available in Prague and Brno.

“Pick-up points in the area can be easily found on the map in our application. The first pickup points of DámeJídlo.cz are created in Prague and Brno and we are planning to expand them all over the Czech Republic. These places will be active all year round, but we expect the main season now in the summer months,” says Jan Matějů, CEO of DameJidlo.

DámeJídlo.cz delivery vehicle Source: CzechCrunch
DámeJídlo.cz delivery vehicle
Source: CzechCrunch

We all know the difficulty of coordinating with an Uber driver to find the right pickup location. However, the new feature does not use your live location. Rather than having to run up and down the block to find your delivery driver, the app functions by using set pick-up locations around the city. After you order, you can wait at the predetermined location without any hassle of finding your food.

“We’ve built the application from a ground up new, with an emphasis on ordering simplicity and stability. We regularly improve and customize it for customer needs and restaurant offerings,” said Matějů.

DámeJídlo.cz's Pick-up location feature
DámeJídlo.cz’s Pick-up location feature

DámeJídlo.cz has been working to improve their mobile app over the years. This new feature expands opportunities, allowing people to order food from public areas all over Prague and Brno. DámeJídlo.cz connects 1,700 restaurants in 130 different cities.

The delivery company is part of the international delivery system DeliveryHero. DeliveryHero operates in 47 countries around the world.

Jan Matějů, CEO Dámejídlo.cz