The police disclosed some details of the murder in Nový Smichov shopping center. The incident took place at the hose-ware department in Tesco. According to the police press release, a 54-year-old victim was looking around when the offender picked up the knife from a shelf and stabbed her. The victim died of the wounds immediately, while the murderer stayed there and waited for the police.

It is reported that the 33-year-old offender had been a long-term patient of Bohumin asylum and was released the same day after a two-week therapy. The doctors confirm that the woman was their patient and was stable when she left the hospital. However, it wasn’t her first conformable attempt. Earlier, on the July 5th, the culprit tried to stifle the girl with a t-shirt in the toilet of a coffee shop. Fortunately, the waiters heard a strange noise and reacted promptly.

The assaulter, who stated that her victims were chosen randomly, is currently in a place of detention. Her case is being investigated thoroughly by criminologists. She can be charged with murder today.