A disturbing sight awaits hikers exploring the forest above the village of Želízy in Protected Landscape Area Kokořínsko: two enormous demonic faces carved from the native stone stare back with empty eyes.

Created by Vaclav Levy in the mid 1800s, the nearly 30 foot tall stone heads are known locally as Čertovy hlavy or the “The Devil Heads” and have been a local attraction for generations. At first local villagers were probably not that happy about these creepy heads staring down at their little village, but now they embraced them and it’s a cool tourist attraction for generations now.

They are a little affected by the ravages of time and weather conditions. Faces of Devil Heads became a little less distinct, but equally alarming.

Levy was quite prolific by all accounts. Other carvings by the artist can be found nearby, including artificial caves and scenes inspired by fairy tales.

Devil’s Head are freely accessible along the blue trail from the municipal office in Želízy.


National Czech Archive
National Czech Archive

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