Walking around Prague, most of us have seen homeless men and women, bowed down with their caps in hand, in the hope that passersby would be kind enough to drop in some crowns. Here’s how you can channel your good spirits and help them while in Prague. A local start-up project called Coffeeshare lets you share your coffee with those who cannot afford one.

The idea is to bridge social divides and you can be a part of the project by just dining at one of the 26 cafes on their list and donating spare change to the countertop collection boxes. This money will be collected and used to buy a hot drink for those who cannot afford to buy it themselves.

The project was inspired by the international movement called Suspended Coffees, which has about 1800 participating cafes and establishments from around the world. Petra Trachtmanová, the spokesperson of the Prague group of volunteers, says: “We would like to create an environment built upon the idea of solidarity, where those well off enough to enjoy a cup of coffee in a cafe, can socially interact with those who typically could not, as well helping those less fortunate, those truly in need, by providing them with a warm beverage.”

The volunteers have tied up with nursing homes, day care centers, retirement homes and other shelters, but is not limited to just their members. “We cannot judge who qualifies for the suspended coffee,” says Petra. “Whoever requests it can have it.”

Want to participate in this project? Visit any of these 26 cafes in Prague that is part of the project.

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