DUP36, a new space in Prague combining literature, design and art in a gorgeous building with a rich history.

Dům uměleckého průmyslu, the original name of the building, is a functionalist villa from 1936 which served as an administrative building. For its time the architecture was very modern, even today it is an incredible space.

During the day it serves as a library (in collaboration with antique bookshop A11) and in the evening a cultural mecca awakes and it becomes crowded with people.

Currently, there are many events taking place, including famous Fuck Up Nights – evenings when 5 speakers present the things that in their, otherwise successful career, fucked up.

The long-term goal for the future is to restore the building to its roots – the industry, the arts and human creativity. To save a cultural and educational space for residents instead of another shopping mall.

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Child of a world with itchy feet and head full of dreams. Prague is my hometown and a place that will always inspire me . I am a lover of good stories and different cultures. Amazed by people's limitless creativity.