Advertising Festival Džemfest has become a cause of the sexist scandal and provoked a strong public reaction. The poster depicts a pregnant lady, looking so young and innocent, and the text says: “Poorly behaved? No, no, just had fun at the Džemfest”.



“This is a poor way to attract attention,” one of the Facebook users says.”In my opinion, it’s silly and absolutely not related to the topic of the Festival, and the Džemfest does not need it”, – people criticize.

«As for me, it seems kinda fun», – however, somebody disagrees with the public overreaction. «We definitely have a common sense that means it can not be taken seriously for sure».

Advertisement with the hidden meaning of great time spent at the festival with «consequences” is already nominated for “sexist piglet’’, an annual campaign aimed at awarding for the most sexist advertisement in several categories.

The festival organizers do not agree with the criticism: “The poster should be seen in the context of the history of the festival and its previous posters. Someone is cheered up, someone is hurt, “- said Ondřej Polak, the main organizer of Džemfest.