Prague is set to get a completely electric bus route. It is hoped the measure will help to improve the environmental situation in the capital.

“In problems of smog, reduction of emissions of urban public transport, is one of the most important strategic tasks”, – said the director of the Prague Transport Company (DPP) Martin Gillar.

Electric buses will replace the classic buses on route 207. It connects the Žižkov district with the historical center. For this DPP will buy 14 electric buses no more than 12 meters in length, equipped with air conditioning. During the day, the buses will be recharged at Ohrada bus stop, and at night – in the bus depot in the Vršovice neighborhood. They will take to the route in September 2018.

Currently, DPP is also preparing to test an electric bus that can be recharged directly from the contact during the movement. “Charging stations restrict the use of electric buses. The aim of the new project – charging while driving, and to find a practical solution that would allow to use these electric buses on the most loaded routes, “– said Gillar

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