The Czech Republic showed a deficit of -0.4% in 2015 according to Eurostat.

In 2015, both the average deficit and public debt in the Eurozone and the EU decreased compared to 2014. In the eurozone the deficit as percentage of GDP decreased from 2.6% in 2014 to 2.1% in 2015, and in the EU from 3% to 2.4%.

In 2015, Denmark(+1.2%), Germany(+0.7%), Esthonia and Luxembourg(+0.6% each) had a surplus, while Sweden was ‘balanced’ at 0%. The lowest public deficits were seen in Lithuania(-0.2%), the Czech Republic(-0.4%), Romania(-0.7%) and Cyprus(-1%)
Seven member states show a deficit equal or larger than 3% of GDP: Greece)-7.2%), Spain(-5.1%), Portugal and the United Kingdom(-4.4% each), France(-3.5%), Croatia(-3.2%) and Slovakia(-3%).

17 member states had a public debt higher than 60% of GDP, with the highest being Greece(176.9%), Italy(132.7%), Portugal(129%), Cyprus(108.9%) and Belgium(106%).


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