Cars with an even ending license plate number are asked not to drive in Prague due to increased amounts of PM10 and nitrogen dioxide in the air. CTK’s Jana Plamínková (STAN/Trojkoalice) Councilor of the Environment and Infrastructure warned of the high levels of smog.

The Environmental Protection Division is now finalizing the order to reduce cars in Prague. While the city is looking at ways to reduce the amount of airborne dust and nitrogen dioxide. “The results of the model evaluation of the variant solutions showed that the free public transport options and the ban on parking of non-residents in the paid parking zones have only a negligible impact,” Plamínková told today, according to the Czech Hydrometeorology Institute.

The biggest air polluter in the capital is car transport and PM10. The smog situation is announced if at least half of the measuring stations exceeded the occurrence of pollutants, the 12-hour average value was 100 micrograms per cubic meter, and no decrease was predicted in the next 24 hours.