An exhibition called “Retro of the 70s and 80s” has just opened, on June 15th, at the Dancing house and depicts the way of life of the common people and the communist elite during the Communism era.

The exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to feel like it’s still 1970 or ’80, by walking into the typical 70’s living room, shop or holiday scene.

Visitors can imagine everyday’s life by watching the objects in the communism-style flat, or the newspapers, even the smallest detailed or object is maniacally chosen and studied for the location.

At that time choices in furniture, electronics and even wallpaper were limited: there was about only a model, and it was the same for everyone, the only change could regard the colour.

The communist elite, instead, had more possibility to spend, and therefore to have more luxurious and elitary items, most of it created especially for them. A section of the exhibition focuses on children’s toys of the time, made mostly of plastic.

Another one to trekking and camping, the most popular way to spend the holiday, since travel abroad was forbidden. A special section is also dedicated to dissidents and shows a flat in which dissidents lived, with furnishing limited to the bare essentials.

There is also the exact depiction of a shop, which features a large part of the alimentary products commonly consumed at that time.

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