The Museum of Aviation is going to install his exhibition in the reconstructed hangars of Letňany.

Constructed in 1920 and 1940, the two hangars are both property of the LOM Praha company, and have represented the gloriosity and tradiotion of Czechoslovakian aviation, especially during World War II. Their reconstruction has been patroned by Norway Grants. Other two hangars are going to be renewed in a few years.

As Ales Knizek, director of the Military History Institute reported to journalists, not only old models will be put on display, but also new Aero Aircrafts and bombers.

Visitors will be able to see important pieces of the history of aviation, like one of the last four exhisting in the world Petlyakov Pe-2, or the Ilyushin-28, used by the Slovak air force, and one of the biggest in force to the army.




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