On the 3rd of January 2017, there was a permanent change to the fare system of the suburban routes.

Previously part of the route could be paid with a ticket of Prague public transport or “Lítačka”, today it can only be done if the stop is made in the zones of action for these travel documents. If the train passes through the zone without stopping, the urban transport ticket is invalid and the suburban ticket must be paid.

The changes affected the following routes: Kladno-Prague, Prague-Všetaty, Prague – Roudnice nad Labem, Prague – Lysa nad Labem and Prague – Štětí. Overall, the fares went up just slightly, but the difference is significant at short distances, especially when compared to the rise in fares in percentage terms.

Thus, the price of the ticket Prague-Kladno increased by 4 Kč and now it costs 39 Kč. Route Hostivice – Prague also went up by 4 Kč, while the original price was 15Kč, which means that the fare for this travel went up by more than a quarter.

The passengers learned about this change at the very last minute: the information was published on the official website Ropid on January 2, 2017.