Prague is located right in the heart of gorgeous and absolutely unique part of the world, Europe, including 65 so culturally different countries everybody has to visit.

Even though each country is utterly exceptional, they are closely located and easy to be reached. We are right in the middle of summer, happy to live in the country, giving us so many opportunities to travel around and explore more and more new places with their unique culture, history and mentality. So, where are we going this time, guys?

The great thing of our century (and location, perhaps) is that you do not even have to be rich to travel around the world. Here are the July deals where to go, spending less than 100€ for the two-way ticket! What a pleasure 🙂

Belgium – from 47€ to Brussels

Poland – 68€ to Radom

Germany – from 77€ to Dusseldorf

Netherlands – 89€  to Amsterdam

England – 100€  to London

These flights are the cheapest ones, but if you are willing to spend more and go a bit further to explore the undersea worlds and enjoy the beachside relaxation, more detailed information can be found with following recommended links: Skyscanner, Jetradar, Letuska.

Do not forget to take your ISIC card, while traveling, which will save you, even more, money. Oh, and watch the bus deals as well here – not that fast, but can be much easier and cheaper!